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Yes, your website just keeps getting better and better. The service and quality are very good! I wish you would offer more doll clothing accessories. I will always choose your site over other sites in the store. Other sites offer the same or lower quality dolls at very high prices. The overall service, quality and price of your site is unmatched by any other site or company! They are also well packaged and delivered with care. I have nothing to complain about!

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Yes, this sex doll vendor is legit. Honestly the customer service from them is outstanding. How involved they are with the process and keeping you informed are great. I asked them if they could get photos of the dolls skeleton so I could compare it with the other brand. I asked about custom skin color, heating and on and on. They were very nice and helpful. The doll itself is wonderful for quality and look. First time buyer in the market and would easily recommend to buy from this seller.

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Yes, Great service for great price. Thank you for guiding me through the doll purchase as I am completely new to this. Your frequent “how to” emails were nice to receive to prepare me for the real deal. I learned clothing, cleaning, and photo taking. This was a good service. In summary, keep on doing what you are doing. Great price for great customer service, wide variety, and justly earned trust and vetting from the Doll Forum. You guided this newbie safely into the doll world. Reviews | scam, legit or safe check

Yes, they are legit! Amazing site, amazing people! RealSexLoveDoll is by far the best place for doll needs and wants. Service is beyond and above anything else you will find anywhere else with helpful tips along the way. Really quick response. I bought a small doll this time, exactly what I expected (living in a tiny apartment right now with no room for average size dolls). If I need more dolls, I will most assuredly shop here and exclusively here!

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Yes, Splendid Customer Service at MILF! WELL DONE!! My TPE girl doll came out the box stunningly beautiful! Just as described. Got it fast too. Thanks to the fine people at MILF! They answered professionally, all my many questions, and took my request positively without criticism. These guys are pros all around! Special Thanks to everyone in customer service once again! Cheers!! Awesome service and communication. A pleasure to do business with! If you are still hesitating, just go for it!